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Toilet & Washroom Cleaner

Chlorosan is a thickened chlorine detergent, disinfectant and mould remover. Chlorosan is a ..
Refresh is a safe-to-use total bathroom cleaner based on organic acids and natural solvents for an u..
Agar BOWL CLEAN 5L    *Local Pickup Only Antibacterial toilet and urinal cleaner. Acid-..
FRESCO 5L All purpose washroom cleaner. Organic ingredients.Used neat for toilets, urinals, show..
SEQUAL 5L TOILET & BATHROOM CARE Toilet and washroom cleaner. Organic ingredients. Fort..
Shower Star 5L  TOILET & BATHROOM CARE A concentrated bathroom cleaner containing n..
Citrus Resources Lencia 1L LENCIA is designed to be sprayed and left on the surface where it will..
Citrus Resources Zest 1L A unique product that offers total washroom and toilet care. Its fiercel..
Diversey 3-Way Washroom Cleaner 5L 3 Way is a phosphoric acid based general purpose washroom clea..
Diversey Go Getter Toilet Cleaner 5L Diversey Go Getter is a Phosphoric acid based toilet cleaner..
  Jif Regular Cream Cleanser Powerful formulation, tough on stains such as tannin, ..
Edco Sweet Lu In-Cistern Toilet Bowl Sanitiser And Deodoriser Sweet Lu will cleanse, deodorise an..
Time release odour lifter and fungicide with a high emphasis on cleaning performance. Controls mould..
A total washroom maintainer and disinfectant that instantly foams away dirt, soap scum, body fats, m..
Benefits: Unique 3-in-1 action Removes rust, scale, toilet stains and algae growth Elimina..
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